Why you should invest in a DPF cleaner?

If you drive a diesel car, you probably already know how important your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is to maintain the performance of your car. However, if you’re not entirely sure how it works, you might not know how a product such as a DPF cleaner could benefit you.

The purpose of a DPF cleaner

A DPF cleaner is a chemical fluid which helps clean your filter quickly from the inside out. It’s designed to remove excess levels of soot from the system, in the same way your DPF’s regeneration process does. You should use DPF cleaner when you fill your car up with diesel as it works best when poured into an empty tank. Afterwards, you should take your car for a fifteen-minute blast on a dual carriageway or motorway at 2,000 to 2,500 rpm.

How this complements your DPF system

Well, your DPF system is designed to regenerate by itself. This process helps burn the soot trapped during the combustion process from your exhaust in an environmentally friendly way. However, if you usually drive your car on short, urban drives, the exhaust often doesn’t get hot enough for this process to work. DPF cleaner acts as a substitute for this process if you can’t drive on a motorway or dual carriageway once a week.

How this process benefits you

If one part of your car isn’t working correctly, it can’t achieve its best levels of performance. Using a DPF cleaner to accelerate the regeneration process will help your car drive better, reduce your fuel consumption and, most importantly, save you money! A good DPF cleaner is relatively cheap and comes in an easy to use bottle you can carry in your car. Why not ask one of our mechanics for their recommendations?

If you’ve got DPF problems that a cleaning product can’t solve, Fir Tree Autocentre has the solution. If your car gets stuck in limp home mode, or your DPF warning light comes on, our manual DPF cleaning service will get you moving smoothly once again. We’ll give your DPF a thorough clean and make sure it’s still in top condition. Why not book online today and see the benefits of this service?