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Fir Tree Autocentre provides engine remapping or chipping or most makes and models of vehicle. Your car’s ECU contains a small processor that examines the information within your car, such as engine temperature, fluid levels and the exhaust system. Once it understands this information it allows the release of the right levels of fuel in order for your car to run at optimum performance. This includes fuel efficiency, performance and exhaust emissions control as your driving.

What is engine remapping?

When a car manufacturer develops the ECU for your vehicle they have to take into consideration a number of different variables that can affect the car’s performance. Therefore, a default setting is created. In order to enhance the performance of your vehicle, the ECU will need remapping. This will involve adjusting various settings within the map such as fuel pressure and pedal control. These changes help to improve the speed and power of your vehicle.

Benefits of engine remapping

The most noticeable different will be the improvement to the speed and power of your vehicle. This can be up to 40bhp in some makes and models.

Engine remapping increases speed, power and the responsiveness of your car. It essentially makes the engine more flexible and therefore makes your car more dynamic. Your car will benefit from increased horsepower, better throttle response, improved fuel economy and will run a lot smoother.

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Full guarantee for your engine remapping

At Fir Tree Autocentre, we provide a full guarantee on all engine remapping. That allows our customers to have peace of mind that they are getting a great service. We’ll make sure that your vehicle runs as smoothly as it should and handles with perfection!

All makes and models of vehicle

We have the technology at our West Drayton garage to provide engine remapping for every make and model of car or van. We aim to never turn a customer away at Fir Tree Autocentre, so we make sure our services are available for everyone. Our mechanics are fully qualified to provide engine remapping and servicing on all makes and models. We can do this on both petrol and diesel vehicles too.

Our technology and engine remapping process also make sure that any existing warranty that is on your vehicle is protected. Adjustments made to the ECU aren’t detectable during a service or diagnostics. In addition to this, the ECU can be reset to the default standards at any point.

Book your engine remapping online enter your vehicle registration and select ‘I’ve got a problem with my car’ and enter the details of your booking. For more information, contact us at Fir Tree Autocentre and one of our team will be on hand to help with all your engine remapping and car queries.

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