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Our team at Fir Tree Autocentre provide car air conditioning servicing, repairs and recharging in West Drayton. Keeping your air conditioning system running at its full capacity is vital if you are planning on using it in the warmer summer months. Your air con is also useful to demist your windscreen in the winter months too.

Our highly trained mechanics at Fir Tree Autocentre in West Drayton are experienced in conducting air conditioning servicing. We work on all makes and models of vehicle and can fix any issues you might be experiencing with your system. Our team understand that over time your air conditioning may not be running to its original setting. However, with our air conditioning servicing, we can restore your system to its original condition.

Most modern vehicles come with air conditioning included within the car. Manufacturers recommend that you have your car’s air conditioning serviced every two years in order to keep it running smoothly.

Air Conditioning Servicing using 1234YF

At Firtree Auto Centre we now the new, more eco-friendly refrigerant gas 1234-YF as well as offering R134 gas. We these regassing services at only £59.95 including VAT! The new 1234YF air conditioning gas is a new gas which has been developed in conjunction with major car manufacturers which now has is a new lower emission gas which has increased performance, safety and efficiency. Using this new gas in our air conditioning services means that you get the best service available to you for a very reasonable price.

In order to ensure that your Air Conditioning system is at the best possible performance you should try and ensure that you get your Air Conditioning system serviced every two years. This Air Conditioning service will not be done as part of any normal service on your car therefore if you have had your car for more than two years and it hasn’t had a air conditioning service then you’re Air Conditioning is probably not operating as well as it could be and once you have it serviced then you’ll find the difference to be night and day!

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Restoring your car’s air conditioning

Over time the vital gas and lubricant within the air conditioning system that helps to keep the system running and produce cool air can escape. By booking your vehicle in for an air conditioning service at Fir Tree Autocentre, our mechanics can examine and restore your system. We’ll check each component within the system and check for leaks and blockages.

Something you probably don’t realise is that your Air Conditioning system uses fuel to function and therefore if your system isn’t working effectively then it will not only not be cooling you correctly but it will also be using more fuel than it should! If any faults are found through this diagnostic then we will contact you before carrying our any repairs. You can book your Air Conditioning service today which will help keep your car cooler and increase your fuel efficiency. In addition to performing a diagnostic on the Air Conditioning system, to ensure a through service we will also vacuum the Air Conditioning system to remove any old gas so that once we replace it then it’ll all be fresh.

Booking your car in for an air conditioning servicing once every two years, our team can recharge the system and keep it pumping out cool air. If you’re not sure if you need to book their vehicle in for an air conditioning service, you can check for symptoms that suggest something is not quite right.

These symptoms will include your system struggling to generate enough energy to function or blowing out hot air. Similarly, an unpleasant odour being released through the vents or the air con refusing to work altogether can also be a sign of needing a service. Even if you haven’t noticed anything wrong with your system, your air conditioning leaks refrigerant over time. Every year or so, your car loses 10% of its refrigerant gas from the system. This needs to be topped up so that your air conditioning can continue to run efficiently. That’s why it is recommended that a service is conducted every 2 years or so. You can also check your vehicle’s handbook for a guideline as to when to get an air conditioning service on your car.


West Drayton car air conditioning servicing

By using Fir Tree Autocentre in West Drayton, our customers will not just have their cars air conditioning serviced, but our mechanics will vacuum the air con system. They will also remove and replace the vital gas and lubricant and complete a diagnostic test to discover any faults.

Our car air conditioning service will ensure that the air conditioning system is running effectively and pumping out fresh, cool air. In addition to this, your service includes rejuvenating the vital gas and lubricant levels. Our mechanics will also clean and sanitise the system and remove blockages. If any leaks or repairs are required, we’ll contact you before conducting any work. With your approval, we’ll repair the system so that you can pick up your car when it is ready.

By cleaning the system, we can help remove any bacteria and fungi which grow within the moist vents of the system. This bacteria can sometimes be pushed back into the air when your air con switches on.

An air conditioning service not included in a general car servicing package. With an air conditioning service you guarantee you’ll get cool, dry air when you need it the most.

We now offer 1234YF gas which is now required for all new cars; this is because it is more environmentally friendly than the older R134 which has a larger impact on global warming. The new gas has a warming potential of under 150 wheras R134 has a warming potential of 1430! We do however still offer to regas cars that require R134 gas so there is no reason yet to convert your air conditioning system to use this new gas.

How long does it take to have my air conditioning serviced?

Car air conditioning servicing usually takes up to an hour. Customers who have delivered their vehicle into our garage on Horton Close can wait while we recharge their system. Alternatively, we can contact you when the work is done. When your car needs repairs, we’ll contact you first with the results to get your approval.

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