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If you see the icon above on your dashboard then it is likely that your car has an issue with it’s DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and may require a clean. Most diesel cars contain a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) which catches soot that is produced by diesel engines which not only ensures that your car’s exhaust is less polluting. Over time these filters can begin to degrade and stop working which allows soot to build up in your engine which could lead to costly repairs. In order to prevent your DPF from breaking we highly recommend booking a DPF clean through our Online Booking Tool.

Here at Firtree Autocentre, out DPF Cleaning Service will clean out any over-carbonated or sooty DPFs with a 100% success rate and to ensure your complete satisfaction we also offer a free Diagnostic Reading when we clean your DPF.

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In changes made to the MOT Test in 2018 you are required to have a properly fitted and working DPF with a possible fine of £1000 if you drive without one. Therefore, ensuring you regularly get your DPF cleaned is all the more important to ensure the proper functioning of your car as well as to ensure your car is environmentally friendly.

There are several symptoms you may experience if your DPF needs cleaning. Firstly, if you see the DPF warning icon (above) on your dashboard but you may also experience a loss in power, your car’s automatic stop/start system may stop working properly, your car may begin to have a poor fuel economy and your cooling fans may begin to run more than usual. A new DPF system can cost thousands of pounds however regular cleaning of your DPF can stop many of these symptoms from happening allowing your DPF to run smoothly. In some cases a dirty DPF may cause your vehicle to enter limp mode.

Forte Power Clean Machine

Forte Power Clean

At Firtree Autocentre, we also offer Forte Power-Clean which will clean your DPF along with a range of other benefits. As well as cleaning the DPF of you vehicle a Forte Power-Clean will also clean your fuel injectors, intake valves and the combustion chamber of your vehicle using Fortes highly concentrated cleaning solution. The Power-Clean will also clean the turbine and geometry vanes of your diesel tubrochargers. Finally, it will also clean the air intake of the engine to remove contamination from the inlet manifold and inlet valves. Since this Power-Clean does not require us to dismantle the engine of you car it will also be far faster than a manual cleaning. These treatments mean that your car’s engine will operate much more smoothly than before.

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