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Local efficient and reliable car services – full, interim and major

Fir Tree Autocentre provides full, interim and major car servicing for all makes and models of vehicles. With the latest equipment, regularly trained staff and great prices, you can’t go wrong with our garage in West Drayton.

When you book a car service with Fir Tree Autocentre we guarantee your car will run to its full capacity. Regular car servicing can help you save money on fuel efficiency and repairs. In addition to this, it can help to maintain the lifespan and value of your car. Our garage is both experienced in car servicing and provides a trusted service in West Drayton. We’ve built up a reputation for being a reliable garage in the area that our customers can trust. When it comes to your car service, look no further than Fir Tree Autocentre. We take pride in providing affordable, quality services for our customers. Working on all makes and models means we never have to turn any customer away!

Highly trained mechanics – car servicing on any make or model

Our highly trained mechanics can conduct car servicing to find and fix any faults that might be affecting your car. Car manufacturers recommend that owners service their vehicle at regular intervals to prevent major repairs and damage to your car.


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Recommended car service schedules

Many drivers book their car in for a service only after they notice something wrong with their car. However, it is recommended to get a car service at different intervals for maximum performance. An interim service is recommended at 6,000 miles or 6 months, a full service at 1 year or 12,000 miles and a major service every 2 years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. Every car is different so it is always best to check your manufacturer’s service schedule for the best service option.

We cater to customers in West London from West Drayton, Hayes, Uxbridge, Denham, Iver, Ruislip, Ickenham, Hillingdon and Heathrow. At Fir Tree Autocentre, we make sure that every customer gets the service that is right for them. We’ll check the manufacturer’s service schedule and the car’s service history for you. In addition to this, we always make sure that any existing warranty isn’t affected and your car runs smoothly.

Saving you money in the future

A regular car service can help reduce the overall risk of your vehicle breaking down. As a result of constantly monitoring components and topping up fluids, you can save money preventing major faults.

Free collection and delivery at Fir Tree Autocentre

Fir Tree Autocentre also offer a free collection and delivery to customers in the area. Customers in Heathrow, Hillingdon, West Drayton, Uxbridge and Hayes, can have their vehicle picked up before a service. We’ll conduct the work and then drop your car back to you as soon as it’s done. Any additional repairs that are found during your car service will be noted we’ll give you a call with the results. We’ll run through what needs to be done and let you know the price of the repair. With your approval, we’ll go ahead and conduct the repairs.

Let Fir Tree Autocentre smooth your drive with our car suspension servicing

Your vehicle’s suspension often goes ignored but is important in maintaining that the vehicle remains close and parallel to the road and helps in maximising the effectiveness of the vehicles steering and braking.

Our highly trained and experienced mechanics can conduct accurate and professional car suspension servicing. Bumps and potholes in the road can cause problems with suspension over time. We will reduce the effect of this and restore your car back to the way it should properly handle.

Car suspension wears down over time and can get to a stage where it becomes undetectable. Poor suspension can make for an uncomfortable journey and could also affect other car parts. If you are experiencing symptoms such as steering wheel vibration and leaking from the shock absorbers, then bring your car in for a vehicle servicing at Fir Tree Autocentre. We will thoroughly check your suspension and test the system. If we find any faults, we’ll let you know and get the problem fixed as soon as we can.


Our trained and experienced mechanics can keep you safe with our brake servicing

An essential safety feature within your vehicle, the need to conduct brake servicing is paramount and should not go ignored. We provide brake servicing, providing repairs and inspections to your entire braking system.

Car brakes can be a major MOT failure factor. Regular brake checks and servicing can help to save you money and ensure an MOT pass the first time around. Signs of faulty brakes include screeching brakes, a vibrating brake pedal or a grinding noise when pushing on the brake pedal. If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, book a brake inspection today.

Use our online booking tool to book car servicing, brake repairs and more. It is available 24 hours a day to book the services you need. View prices online and check your MOT date too! Just enter your car registration and don’t worry, you don’t pay until the work is done.

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