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Need a car diagnostic test in West Drayton?

Fir Tree Autocentre provides engine diagnostic checks and tests for customers that have warning lights on their dashboards. With the latest equipment, we can locate and diagnose any problems with your car accurately and efficiently. This means our mechanics can fix your car as soon as possible. We can work on any make or model, tailoring the fault codes to your vehicle to find a solution quicker. Not only can we get your car back up and running quickly with quality results, we don’t charge a fortune. We offer prices much better than main dealerships!


What is an engine diagnostic test?

Sometimes a fault can occur within your vehicle that may appear to yourself and many mechanics to be undiagnosable. This is where our mechanics at Fir Tree Autocentre can help, with the use of engine diagnostic testing. At Fir Tree Autocentre, West Drayton, our mechanics use the latest modern diagnostic testing equipment. This technology can find and repair the most stubborn of hidden faults affecting the overall running of your vehicle.

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Our Snap-on Verus Edge and Autocom diagnostic equipment

Using Snap-on Verus Edge and Autocom diagnostic equipment, our mechanics can quickly discover a fault affecting your vehicle. As a result, we can quickly repair your car and get you back on the road. Many mechanics might choose to manually inspect your vehicle for the fault. As a result of this, it could lead to misdiagnosis and a waste of time and money. Our mechanics believe that by using the latest equipment available, they can save you time, money and unnecessary worrying over an easily fixed issue.

The benefits of using this equipment are that no fault occurring within your vehicle can hide. This allows our highly trained mechanics to find the issue and provide repairs. We only use authentic, genuine parts from respected dealers or equivalent quality parts because it means you get better results. With the use of this hi-tech piece of equipment, our car diagnostic test can take place in the space of thirty seconds, our team can find the fault all by plugging the device into your computer, which if attempted to be discovered by hand would take much longer and cost you the owner more money in examination fees.

Data diagnostic testing, the quickest way to diagnose your vehicle

With hundreds of small symbols which can appear on your vehicle’s dashboard, discovering the true meaning of these warnings can be a long and tiring task. Our mechanics with the use of the latest data diagnostic equipment can conduct engine diagnostic testing to discover the true meaning of these symbols which appear, warning of a potentially large underlying issue.

Symbols which are highlighted onto your vehicle’s dashboard and discovered through conducting an engine diagnostics can range from engine, brakes, airbags and alarm faults. Along with allowing our mechanics to conduct a car diagnostic test to discover the fault at hand, a diagnostic test will also read and erase the memory of the vehicle but most importantly leave our customers feeling positive that their car is running to its full capacity.

Car diagnostic tests for our customer’s safety

At Fir Tree Autocentre in West Drayton, we take customer satisfaction seriously and we pride ourselves on our customer’s positive experience. When customers from West London in the Hayes, Uxbridge and Heathrow area choose to use our garage to complete their vehicles diagnostic test, they can be sure that they are receiving the most accurate and honest testing around, at an unbeatable price.

If you wish to speak to our knowledgeable team regarding any faults occurring within your vehicle or to book your car in for a car diagnostic testing, please get in contact with our friendly team today or select a car diagnostic test online, paying when the work is complete. You can also book car servicing, MOT and repairs online, using our easy-to-use booking tool, available 24/7.

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