3 reasons why your air conditioning fails and how to prevent it

A person turning on their car's air conditioning

Previously it was a luxury to have car air conditioning however, most modern cars have built-in air conditioning as standard. Once you’ve had a car with air conditioning, really there’s no going back. It’s not just beneficial to keep you cool during the summer months but it can actually help keep windows clear of mist and condensation as the air blowing out is dry.

Despite its many uses, your air conditioning still needs maintaining, just like any other car part. If you neglect your system it can cause failures, which means your back to sitting in an overheated car. Luckily, with car air conditioning, there are some pretty obvious signs to look for that indicate the need for some TLC.

Time for a top-up

One of the most obvious signs is that the air coming out of the conditioning system is actually no longer cold. Essentially the refrigerant gas which keeps it cool may be leaking out. In fact, every year a little bit of the refrigerant gas will escape from your car air conditioning system. Therefore, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to get it topped up. Normally, every 2 years or so. This keeps it running smoothly and can help prevent major repairs.

It needs a clean

Your air conditioning is subject to daily wear and tear much like any other component in your car. Over time, dirt and dust can get into the system causing blockages, leaks and affecting the system. This can prevent your car air conditioning from working properly causing extra stress on the system. If this continues for a long time, it can cause major repairs. The best way to prevent this from happening is to regularly service your car’s air conditioning or give your system a clean. Cleansing the system is relatively easy and cheap to do and can prevent you from paying a hefty car repair bill later on!

There’s a leak in the system

If you don’t regularly care for your car’s air conditioning, it can cause leaks over time. Your car air conditioning condenser is placed towards the front of the car in order to bring the air in from under the front of the car. It can, therefore, be prone to road damage from stones. In addition to this, if blockages are removed, the bacteria can wear away the system. Hoses can split and seals in the vents can leak out the gas causing problems. To prevent leaks and significant damage, get your air conditioning checked out every 2 years or so. It’s not needed as often as your normal service but can help save you money in the long run and keep your system working.

Getting regular maintenance on your car air conditioning can really help prevent damage. Keep looking out for the signs in the meantime but getting a re-gas every year should keep the system running smoothly. It can also help to save you money. If any other signs are spotted during a re-gas you get them sorted sooner. That means you’ll have a lovely fresh and cool car.